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Thermal Insulation Method For Hot Air Duct- Joda Aerogel Insulation Material

Pubdate: 2017-06-28 16:51:14
From: Joda Insulation Material Aerogel

Thermal insulation method for hot air duct

In order to reduce heat loss, prevent dewing, avoid deformation under high temperature (> 400 ℃) and the human body to prevent burns. On the high temperature pipe and the cylinder inside and outside the wall must take thermal insulation measures aerogel insulation board.

For pipe diameter greater than 2 m, medium temperature higher than 400 ℃ in the pipeline, such as three duct, 3, 4 cyclone preheater in and out of the air duct etc., The inner layer of high - strength and alkali - resistant brick should be used. For small diameter pipe and temperature higher than 400 ℃, such as cyclone preheater of tremie pipe at all levels, the discharge valve, expansion joint, the inner layer adopts alkali resistant castable, should have good wear resistance, to prevent the wear of material flow. For the medium temperature below 400 ℃ of the pipeline, if you need insulation, can be laid in the outer wall insulation layer.

In the highest temperature of the two preheaters, decomposition furnace and the rise of flues, etc. should ensure that the chassis does not occur deformation, for which you must control the chassis surface temperature does not exceed 120 ℃. The thermal insulation layer and the calcium silicate board are usually used to ensure the above requirements.

Thermal Insulation Method, Hot Air Duct, Aerogel Insulation Board

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