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The Thermal Insulation Mechanism Of Aerogel

Pubdate: 2017-06-22 17:59:04
From: Joda Insulation Material Aerogel

The thermal insulation mechanism of aerogel

The thermal conductivity of superinsulation material is lower than that of convective air thermal conductivity. There are two main types, one is vacuum insulation, one is nano-porous insulation material.The former is more difficult to maintain a high vacuum, the latter can reach 70% ~ 88.5%, the gap size is < 40nm, and the size of the network colloid particle is 2-25nm. The thermal infrared radiation in the area of ​​2 ~ 6um, has a high shielding efficiency because of its shielding function, and the porous grid structure of hea insulation effect. Aerogel thermal conductivity is 0.02 ~ 0.04w / (m • K) at room temperature. Silica aerogels have a very high use temperature limit, it can also have a porous mesh structure at 800 ℃ high temperature , and will not be deformed or burned, with a strong fire function. Thus aerogels can be widely used in energy efficiency buildings because of thermal insulation properties, light transmission performance, noise and heat insulation effect. In the application of granular gel, a new type of silica aerogel transparent glass was developed. Using methyl methacrylate film as aerogel and krypton gas was added to the glass, the total solar transmittance was 38%.

The thermal insulation mechanism of aerogel

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