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More Information About The Insulation Material Aerogel Insulation Blanket

Pubdate: 2017-06-27 17:28:55
From: Joda Insulation Material Aerogel

More information about the insulation material aerogel insulation blanket

First of all we have to understand the aerogel is known to have the lowest thermal conductivity of solid materials, the special structure makes the aerogel insulation blanket with low thermal conductivity, waterproof fire, green and other superior performance, is the pipeline, equipment, insulation materials, the most Good choice, insulation and energy saving revolutionary materials. Aerogel adiabatic felt is a kind of flexible insulation blanket which is composed of nano-silica aerogel and inorganic fiber material by special process. For decades, the excellent performance of aerogel has been studied. Aerogel adiabatic performance is excellent, but because of its brittle, long time has not been practical application.

70 years later, the United States Aspen aerogels developed a technically and economically viable aerogels insulation products. The company uses a unique process to combine airgels and a carrier (fiber mat) into one, forming a flexible and durable high performance sheet insulation blanket, and successfully achieved commercialization.

Aerogel insulation materials, the main performance characteristics:

1, Insulation: long-term use temperature of 650 ℃, thermal insulation effect of traditional materials 3 to 5 times, energy efficient.

2, Persistent heat: unique nano-three-dimensional network structure provides excellent high temperature stability, to avoid the traditional material due to vibration and deformation of the accumulation and insulation performance of the phenomenon of sharp decline.

3, Thinner insulation thickness: only 1/2 to 1/5 of the thickness of traditional materials can achieve the same insulation effect, heat loss is smaller, high space utilization.

4, Compression, tensile, crack resistance: a better flexibility and tensile, compressive strength, can resist brutal construction, long-term use does not settle, deformation.

5, Waterproof: with excellent overall waterproof performance, water repellent ≥ 99%, isolated liquid water, while allowing water vapor through.

6, sound insulation: the equipment for insulation at the same time, you can also play noise absorption noise, buffer vibration and other functions, improve environmental quality, protection equipment.

7, Safety and environmental protection: no harmful substances on the human body, halogen-free ions.

8, Easy to construction: lightweight and convenient, easy to cut, high construction efficiency, for a variety of complex shape requirements. Airgel insulation felt the use of airgel greatly increased, and its use of the harsh shape conditions are much less.

Insulation Material Aerogel Insulation Blanket

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