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Heat Insulation Blanket Is A Flexible Insulating Blanket Made Of Porous Silica Aerogel And Inorganic Fiber Materials

Pubdate: 2017-06-07 17:15:59
From: Joda Insulation Material Aerogel

Heat insulation blanket is a flexible insulating blanket made of porous silica aerogel materials and inorganic fiber materials through fiber enhancement technology.

The aerogels are the materials with the lowest thermal conductivity of all known solid materials. Airgel series is the best insulation material in the field of heat insulation blanket and preservation, and at the same time, with the excellent performances of fire-retardant, hydrophobicity, and environmental protection and so on. both flame retardant, hydrophobic, environmental protection, and other excellent performance, which is widely used in aerospace, petrochemical, rail transportation, construction, LNG and other fields.

Heat Insulation Blanket

The outstanding benefits brought by the usage of aerogel insulation blanket materials

Higher insulation performance

Ultra - low thermal conductivity, super - insulation properties, enhance energy - saving effect;

Longer service life

Extremely Strong anti-aging ability, the service life is 8-10 times the conventional material;

Thinner insulation thickness

The used airgel thickness is 1/2 to 1/5 (One in two to one in five )of the common material, saving space;

Easier construction process

The construction process is more simple, and save a lot of auxiliary materials;

Significantly lower maintenance costs

Less maintenance costs, more reliable adiabatic effect;

Fire retardant

Airgel material is completely nonflammable, wide temperature range, good temperature tolerance;

Completely hydrophobic

Waterproof, anti-seepage, anti-cracking, anti-snow

Recommended construction thickness

Design conditions: ambient temperature 25 ℃; wind speed 0m / s; External surface of the insulation layer and atmospheric heat transfer coefficient is 11.63W / ㎡ • k.

The table data is from the construction experience and internal self-programming software, for specific solution, please consult the relevant technician.

Construction safety protection: airgel products are green, safe and harmless. There will be dust during the transport and construction process, which will not harm human health. We recommend that the construction workers wear dust masks, dust caps and gloves, for details, please refer to the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS).

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