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Comparison Of Current Building Energy Saving Glass Types

Pubdate: 2017-06-22 17:59:04
From: Joda Insulation Material Aerogel

Comparison of current building energy saving glass types

Hollow and vacuum glass

Hollow glass is to use 2 ~ 3 layers of glass or laminated glass, each layer of the glass can be evenly divided, there is a lot of inert gas or air drying in the interval cavity, heat transfer coefficient was created in the middle of the gas layer. The conventional hollow glass shading coefficient is high, the insulation effect is not very good, mainly used in the northern cold area as the heat insulation material. Empty the middle of the plate glass, forming a vacuum layer which can block the heat conduction and convection, as a result, the heat transfer coefficient is much lower than that of hollow glass, thermal insulation performance is superior, and the cost is 4 ~ 6 times of hollow glass.

Heat reflective glass

The surface of this glass has one or more layers of metal oxide film, with a strong reflectivity and light transmission. Shading coefficient is small, and the visible light rate is low, thus it will have an impact on indoor lighting in the future use. There is no big difference in the heat transfer coefficient compared with ordinary glass. The insulation effectis not strong.

Low ~ E glass

Low ~ E glass is a low-emissivity glass, the surface of this glass has a layer or multi-layer metal semiconductor film, near-infrared radiation reflectivity is low, while the far-infrared radiation is higher, with good light transmission and energy saving effect , Low ~ E glass is mainly used in the manufacture of composite insulating glass, the price is higher than conventional glass.

Comparison Of Current Building Energy Saving Glass Types

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