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Aerogel Industry Will Usher In The Development Of Inflection Point

Pubdate: 2017-06-02 18:06:19
From: Joda Insulation Material Aerogel

Xinhuanet Beijing in April 7, April 7th 2017 (Jiwei Ling ), 2017 National Symposium on Innovative Applications of Airgate Materials was held in Beijing. Activities organized by the China Green Building Materials Industry Development Alliance, was designed to promote the development of aerobic industry applications, interpretation of industrial policy, show industry panorama, research industry pain points.

The Ministry of raw material Department of building insulation materials department staff said that the current constraints of large-scale application of aerogel is the price and the production process, platform construction;the next step will be to encourage scientific research institutions and representative enterprises to carry out research with the accelerating aerogel demonstration project. In addition, We will promote green building materials production level this year and issue green building materials directory and accelerate the development of new materials to promote green manufacturing.

The experts said that the aerogel is a revolutionary new technology. Industrial investment fever is very high,which aslo have huge market capacity.The market prospect is very broad;Chinese aerogel technology in our country has reached the international advanced, and the national industry of aerogel support policy intensity is very large.

Aerogel Industry Will Usher In The Development Of Inflection Point

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