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Joda Aerogel Fiyat Is Made Of A Kind Of Silica Aerogel Insulation Blanket

Pubdate: 2017-06-07 17:52:46
From: Joda Insulation Material Aerogel

Aerogel Fiyat

Joda aerogel fiyat is made of a kind of silica aerogel (with the lowest thermal conductivity of high temperature insulation known solid) insulation blanket, and adding non-woven glass fiber for reinforcing its performance.

Joda aerogel fiyat is by far our most easy processing, product storage and installation, it has the thermal performance of the industry's leading also has a standard of roll size and product form, which can greatly reduce the dust treatment work and simplifies installation and cleaning procedures.

Joda aerogels fiyat are ideal insulation material for pipes, containers, tanks and equipment the best is to realize the essential thermal effect of material.

Application advantages

Excellent thermal performance can be up to five times as the traditional competitive products;

Reduce material thickness and section size, thickness, but have the same insulation effect;

Reduce installation time and manual, easy to cut materials and installation according to complex shapes, bending and space constraints;

The material is durable, flexible and has excellent resilience;

Transportation and warehousing costs are reduced; material volume decreases, packing density is high, coil size is consistent and waste rate is low, and logistics costs can be reduced;

Simple storage: unlike the hard prefabricated materials of sleeves or insulation board, Joda aerogel blanket can be cut according to specific needs to meet the requirement of all kinds of piping or equipment;

At the same time,Joda aerogel blanket can be waterproof and breathable, also can prevent the liquid water, while allowing water vapor transmission,which can help prevent corrosion under insulation;

Joda aerogel blanket has the characters of Safety and environmental protection, through the landfill, basically no coarse particles, and dust was the lowest, not containing respirable fibers.

Application area

Joda aerogel fiyat can be perfect working with our M-5200 flexible nano insulation products collocation, and provides the most cost-effective insulation solution for you;

our aerogel fiyat can be widely used in:

All kinds of petrochemical pipe / power / chemical industry;

The new energy device / equipment fire insulation parts;

High temperature vessels, tanks and so on.


Joda aerogel is roll products and we will provide a standardized product for you. You can also cut according to your application / industry dimensions construction site in the field of on-site cutting. At the same time, we can also provide customized products and services to customers;About the application of detailed information please consult our sales engineers.

Aerogel Fiyat

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