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When Is The Inflection Point Of The Aerogel Explosion?

Pubdate: 2018-09-10 18:20:01
From: Joda Insulation Material Aerogel

When is the inflection point of the aerogel explosion?

At present, the biggest obstacle to the development of aerogel market is the high price. Once the production cost of aerogel materials has been significantly reduced, the market scale will be dramatically expanded, product sales will rapidly expand, and will revolutionize the replacement of traditional insulation materials.

When Is The Inflection Point Of The Aerogel Explosion?

So when is the inflection point of the aerogel explosion? In fact, with the declining market price of aerogel insulation materials, the total engineering cost of aerogel materials is close to that of traditional thermal insulation materials, but it has obvious advantages of energy saving, space saving, corrosion protection and long life. Tradematt based on years of industrial data and experience, the inflection point of rapid development of aerogel has actually quietly arrived, some leading aerogel companies will get explosive development!

With the significant reduction of aerogel manufacturing costs and rapid expansion of production capacity, Tradematt expects the aerogel industry to expand rapidly in 2020 after five years. The aerogel industry as a whole has entered an explosive growth stage, with an annual composite growth rate of over 55% and a rapid replacement in the next 10 years. Traditional insulation materials, especially in the industrial and equipment fields, will be replaced more quickly, possibly reaching the scale of $1.9 billion to $17 billion a year in the next five to 10 years.

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