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What Are The Concepts Of Aerogel

Pubdate: 2017-06-21 17:19:35
From: Joda Insulation Material Aerogel

Concept of aerogel

The thickness of aerogel is less than one centimeter, flame spray at 1300 ℃, it still can be touched by hand, when put it on the petals, it will not overwhelm the flowers; stained with water, but also Like a lotus leaf waterproof. This is known as "change the world of magical material", now far away from the town of more than 20 kilometers east of the plant in the scale of production. Its manufacturers Guangdong high-tech Technology Co., Ltd., but also by the Qingyuan party secretary Ge Changwei as hiding in the mountains in the "Golden Phoenix."

According to media reports, at present, the company's aerogels production capacity of up to 200 million yuan, is the first domestic, the world's second large-scale production of aerogels to the enterprise, is the world's second largest industrial Production of aerogel and aerogel in line with the ability of heat insulation materials leading enterprises to fill the gaps in China's own industry production of aerogel material, breaking the Chinese aerogel material by the international monopoly supply situation.

aerogel, also known as air glue, solid smoke or blue smoke, is a nano-level porous super insulation material, is the aerospace, military, petrochemical, power, metallurgy, construction, clothing and many other areas of traditional insulation materials revolutionary Alternative products, called "change the world of magic material", was included in the national strategic emerging industries. aerogel looks like "weak wind", in fact, very durable. It can withstand the equivalent of thousands of times the quality of their own pressure, the temperature reaches 1200 degrees Celsius will melt. In addition, its thermal conductivity and refractive index is also very low, the insulation capacity than the best glass fiber is also stronger than 39 times. With these characteristics, aerogel has become an irreplaceable material in space exploration, the Russian "peace" space station and the United States "Mars Pathfinder" detectors are used to carry out insulation.

Industry sources said that for a long time, China in the aerogel research and development mainly concentrated in the higher value-added aerospace, medicine, etc., many areas are still blank. aerogel domestic R & D and production capacity are mainly concentrated in Zhejiang University, Central South University, Tongji University, National Defense University of Science and Technology, Shaoxing Nanuo Gaoke Co., Ltd., Guangdong high-tech Technology Co., In an aerogel report published in 2010, the EU predicts that by 2050, aerogel products will be used as widely as today's plastics.

It is pointed out that aerogel is the lightest solid material known in the world, because of its very low thermal conductivity, durable, high temperature, explosion and other characteristics, in the aerospace, defense industry, green building, new energy , Environmental management, solar thermal utilization and other fields have a broad application prospects. The United States, Germany, France, Japan and other industrial advanced countries are invested heavily in research and development. With the arrival of new materials, the aerogel industry is in a period of vigorous development, the market outlook is optimistic about the industry, involving related sectors such as Zhejiang University, Luyang energy, Yuxing shares worthy of attention.

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