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Joda's Super Nano Aerogel 2017 Is Now Industrialized Production

Pubdate: 2017-06-07 17:42:20
From: Joda Insulation Material Aerogel

Joda's super nano aerogel 2017 is now industrialized production.

Aerogel known as cold smoke, solid smoke, solid air or blue smoke is the lightest and best-performing heat insulation material of the known solid material, of which over 90% of its volume is the tiny nano-hole, and the rest is made up of three-dimensional nanoscale pore walls.

After a long and arduous effort, Joda has finally developed one of the most economical aerogel production process to meet the demand of industrial insulation and other areas.


● Unparalleled insulation effect

● Excellent light dispersion

● Good physical stability

● Improvable acoustic performance

● High porosity and high specific surface area

● Nanoscale pore, very low density

Application areas

● Very low thermal conductivity - the production of high-performance nano-insulation materials

● Unique nanostructure - making new gas filter material

● high specific surface area - the production of super energy storage materials or catalyst carrier

●The acoustic impedance variable range is large - can be used to fabricate acoustic resistive coupling materials for ultrasonic detectors


Bulk density 40~150kg/m3

Particle diameter 0.1~5mm

Specific surface area 500~1000m2/g

Porosity > 90%

aperture 20~100nm

Hydrophobicity hydrophobic and hydrophilic

Sound speed ~100m/sec

Electron micrograph

Aerogel 2017 Electron Micrograph

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