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The Fire Occurs In London Leads To The Public’s Anger: Why Using Dangerous Materials, The Safety Material Aerogel Is Preferred

Pubdate: 2017-06-19 18:14:07
From: Joda Insulation Material Aerogel

The fire occurs in London leads to the public’s anger: why using dangerous materials, the safety material aerogel is preferred

The sadness of London's Glenfer Building turned out to be a great anger on June 15, in the face of the disaster, the community residents require the government to explain the range of problems exposed by the fire.

In the morning of June 14 , London Glenfer Building occur a fire, the police confirmed that the death people has reached to 17. Rescue workers revealed that there are many dead body on the scene, the police admitted that the final death toll may be as high as 100, the senior officials admitted the actual size of this disaster may never be able to know exactly.

As the truth is exposed gradually, the issue of building safety has attracted people's attention. Local residents asked officials to explain it, it was warned constantly in the past 30 years, but there are still a series of loopholes cause the fire.

Why using the dangerous heat insulation material?

British "Telegraph" reported that people have worried about the building wall covered with insulation layer for many years. Experts believe this fire was able to swallow in 15 minutes, it is because of the polyethylene insulation layer.

The Telegraph referred that over the past 30 years, experts had been concerned about the lack of fire regulations, especially around the use of fire-resistant materials .

Prior to 1986, all buildings had to ensure that the building facade was able to have at least one hour fire resistance,to prevent the fire spreading between the apartments or inside. However, despite the officer has warned repeatedly, this clause has been repealed. Since the mid-1980s, the building facade material does not have to be a non-combustible material, allowing the builder to install dangerous insulation layer.

The report said after a fire in Ayrshire, Scotland 20 years ago, British Fire Safety Development Organization has warned legislators that the insulation board will "enhance the fire,release toxic gases and plastic will drop on body.

The Reynobond brand of aluminum composite material (ACM), used on the Glenfer Building, consists of two aluminum sheets sandwiched with flammable polyethylene inner layers. The United States has been banned using this material above the 40 feet (about 12.192 meters) building, but this material is in line with British standards.

Aerogel is an excellent thermal insulator, 6mm thickness can be isolated the temperature above 1000 ℃ , the skin is without burning sensation. Aerogel heat insulation blankets are the preferred safety refractory for building facades.

The Fire Occurs In London Leads To The Public’s Anger


The Fire Occurs In London Leads To The Public’s Anger

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