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Iron And Steel Industry, Nano - Insulation Board Purchase Requirements

Pubdate: 2017-09-08 18:32:10
From: Joda Insulation Material Aerogel

Taking into account the steel industry up to about 1600 ℃ working environment, in the choice and application of nano-insulation materials should pay attention to the following important issues.

The temperature resistance of the material. If the nano-insulation material can not reach the hot surface of the contact temperature of the long-term use of stability, will lead to long-term high temperature in the work, causing shrinkage, powder and other phenomena. Initially have a certain insulation effect, but the late will continue to shrink powder, and may bring the working layer and the permanent layer of cracking, and even the risk of wearing a package.

Reasonable thickness design. Due to the good insulation properties of nano-insulation materials, will bring the permanent layer of the hot surface temperature rise, once more than the use of permanent layer temperature may lead to permanent layer stability changes, and thus the insulation material is not thicker the better, And the need to combine the characteristics of the lining material to carry out structural design.

Thermal conductivity of the material. If the use of non-strict sense of the heat insulation materials, will not have a significant heat insulation effect; and once the use of multi-layer sub-micron insulation materials, too much waste of space and the risk of hot surface temperature is too high.

Hydrophobic properties of materials. As the permanent layer of castables, the pouring process of moisture will be highly destructive to the insulation material, and thus nano-insulation materials should have a certain early in the hydrophobic capacity.

The degree of bending of the material. Ladle and torpedo tanks are non-flat equipment, nano-insulation materials used to meet the needs of a certain degree of bending to complete the package wall.

Compressive strength of the material. Taking into account such as the bottom of the ladle and other parts need to withstand greater pressure, so the choice of nano-insulation materials to meet the good compressive capacity to ensure that the use of the process does not produce deformation due to pressure.

Iron and steel industry, nano - insulation board purchase requirements

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