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Highly Effective Aerogel Glass

Pubdate: 2017-06-14 18:15:22
From: Joda Insulation Material Aerogel

Highly effective aerogel glass

Two slices of glass filled with aerogel, so the sandwich is aerogel glass. It is a new product based on insulating glass, which is higher than insulating glass.

Because aerogel has the characteristics of heat insulation, sound absorption and light transmission, the insulation effect of aerogel glass is several times higher than that of ordinary double glass, and it has the effect of noise reduction.

"The lowest U value can reach 0.5W/ (M2 - K), lighting performance in more than 75%, noise and wind resistance, and significantly reduce the explosion hazards, no condensation, fire prevention, heat performance, and thin, light, save material, long service life." Lu Bin summed up a series of properties of the vent gel glass.

With the improvement of building energy efficiency standards in our country, more and more attention has been paid to energy saving of doors and windows. At present, our country building doors and windows to improve energy-saving effect mainly by reducing the ratio of window to wall and multilayer hollow, vacuum glass and other methods, although the former can play an energy-saving effect, but to a certain extent reduce the indoor lighting comfort, increase indoor lighting energy consumption; the latter method will increase the glass window the weight or safety performance and service life of worry.

Insulating glass achieves insulation by increasing glass thickness, filling inert gas, multi cavity technology, and low radiation coating, while aerogel glass is achieved by very low thermal conductivity and thickness of the material itself. Cause the porous network structure of aerogels with "infinite insulation effect" of heat radiation, the heat transfer coefficient can be increased through the aerogel thickness reduction of aerogel glass, such as thickness of aerogel glass 20mm U values lower than 0.5W/ (M2 - K).

"Compared to other types of energy-saving glass, aerogel glass has realized the balance between the three aspects of building energy efficiency and comfort and environment.". It can be seen from the simulation test of winter and summer insulation properties of aerogel glass.The thermal insulation property of aerogel glass is stronger than that of monolithic glass, insulating glass and Low-E glass." Lu Bin said.

In a villa in Denmark as an example, about the current building energy efficiency standards in Denmark, the three layer of the argon filled U value is 0.6W/ (M2 - K), the g value is 0.46; and when the use of aerogel glass, U decreased to 0.5W/ (M2 - K), the g value is 0.75.

In the current building energy efficiency standards, such as the villa with three layers of argon glass, heating demand is 6220 kwh / year, while heating demand using aerogel glass is 5040 kW / year, reducing by 19%; such as the use of the German passive house standard construction, heating demand of three layers of glass is 2070 kw argon gas / year, gel glass is 1380 kW / year, down 34%.

If the aerogel glass is used in high-rise buildings to replace the general wall glass, it will greatly reduce the weight of buildings, and can play a role in fire protection.

At present, Joda spares no effort on new materials for different and purposes to develop two kinds of aerogel glass products: one is the lighting glass, transparent glass is the second.

Bin Lu believes that with the continuous improvement of China's building energy efficiency standards, the existing technology and products have encountered great challenges, the use of new materials is imperative. According to the energy-saving glass in the domestic and foreign development situation, the first generation is single cavity hollow glass; second generation is coating + hollow glass (including multi cavity hollow glass); the third generation is vacuum glass, and glass aerogel is likely to become the fourth generation of energy-saving glass.

Cost performance and standards need to be improved

Aerogels have excellent advantages of heat preservation, heat insulation and light transmission, as well as high temperature resistance, sound insulation and shock absorption. Aerogel glass has unique advantages and broad prospects in building energy-saving applications.

It is understood that China's annual new construction in urban and rural areas is about 1 billion 500 million square meters;but about 1000000000 square meters of the northern district heating energy saving building needs change for energy saving,and in hot summer and cold winter and hot summer and warm winter area has about 3000000000 square meters of building energy consumption need for energy saving.

"Total of 5 billion 500 million square meters of building exterior window area is about 1 billion 800 million square meters.If per square meter aerogel glass according to 2000 yuan valuation, can form 36000 yuan market demand." Ministry of housing and urban rural construction technology and Industrial Development Center Deputy Chief Engineer, Engineering Professor Hongle Qu applied to see good aergel glass very promising, "Application of aerogel glass per square meter construction area can save about 5kg standard coal energy conservative calculation, so the annual savings will be 27 million 500 thousand tons of standard coal energy."

In addition, in the view of Hongle Qu , because the aerogel can buffer and absorb shock wave, crowded airports, stations, terminals, terminal waiting room, waiting hall and other special places of the window glass can be the first to use such aerogel glass, which can reduce or eliminate the natural or man-made damage fundamentally.

However, Dr Lu Bin knew, because gas gel glass belong to new products in the world, it has not started in the domestic application, so the aerogel glass need to make big breakthrough in the following aspects: the first is the need to continue to improve the product price breakthrough. The company will strive to solve the problem of production costs, which is through the expansion of production capacity approach to achieve large-scale effect, and expand the cost advantage; followed by product standards. The relevant national, industrial or local standards for aerogel glass, as well as the application of technical regulations and building structures shall be accelerated.

"If there are standards, downstream customers can rest assured that the use of products can be widely used."." Bin Lu said, in order to better promote the aerogel glass, Joda not only continue research and development, improve technology and equipment production efficiency and reduce costs, and Joda will also make great efforts to obtain the support of relevant national policies, preparation of aerogel glass products, industry and other related national or local standards, grasp the construction of demonstration project construction scale the production line, set up by the design, glass production enterprises and other related industrial chain enterprise strategic alliance.

Highly Effective Aerogel Glass

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