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German Experts Say "Sustainable Building Efficiency" Is A Global Challenge

Pubdate: 2017-06-12 18:20:57
From: Joda Insulation Material Aerogel

German experts say "sustainable building efficiency" is a global challenge

Mr Hesse, President of the Bavarian architects' association, argues that "sustainable building energy efficiency is a global challenge".

Mr. Hesse pointed out that at present, building energy consumption gradually increased, building materials gradually increased, while the sustainable construction is very few, so that human dependence on fossil energy is growing, which is not conducive to meet the needs of long-term use of energy , So it is necessary to build a sustainable building.

Hesse said, in order to meet the needs of future occupants, only through global cooperation to complete, the use of renewable materials, use of solar energy, the use of natural ventilation and thermal energy storage in summer that don't need technology.

Mr. Hesse pointed out that sustainable construction is not a single view of every building, sustainable building is as much as possible to reduce energy consumption, be in harmony with he whole society and nature while increasing the space, which makes it difficult for one or several countries to achieve this global harmony. In addition, both in Europe, America and China, sustainable building energy efficiency is of great significance, a single, fragmented region is not its proper meaning, only the sustainable energy-saving buildings into the globalization, can the goal of sustainable architecture be achieved.

Sustainable Building Efficiency

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