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Construction Materials That Do Not Meet The "low-carbon" Concept Will Be Eliminated In Beijing

Pubdate: 2017-06-12 18:07:56
From: Joda Insulation Material Aerogel

Construction materials that do not meet the "low-carbon" concept will be eliminated in Beijing

Recently, the Beijing Municipal Housing and Urban Construction Committee (hereinafter referred to as the Municipal Construction Committee) issued a message that according to the latest version of "Beijing to promote, limit, prohibit the use of building materials catalog" draft (hereinafter referred to as the draft), Beijing will ban or Limit the use of high energy consumption, poor safety, not meeting the "low carbon" concept building materials.

The draft includes a total of 38 prohibited products, 46 restricted products and 42 promotional products.The new version, which was first introduced or expanded at 28, more than doubled from the previous five to 12.6.

According to the draft, during production, high energy consumption, low safety performance building materials, such as the environmental polluted clay bricks, destruction of cultivated land and vegetation clay and asbestos shingle that may endanger human health, will be prohibited from use.

The draft also restricts the use of incandescent lamps with high energy consumption, low light efficiency, high temperature and poor safety, and prohibits its use in new public buildings and fine refurbishing dwellings. After the completion of rough housing to the decoration stage of low utilization rate, you can temporarily install cheap incandescent.

The draft will be jointly issued by the municipal commission of construction and municipal planning commission, based on consultation and feedback.

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