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Building Insulation Is An Important Measure Of Building Energy Efficiency

Pubdate: 2017-06-21 17:26:29
From: Joda Insulation Material Aerogel

Building energy saving

With the development of the global industrialization process, the contradiction between the world's energy shortages has become increasingly prominent, especially after the oil crisis, the developed countries, especially oil-importing countries have been impacted severely, and have realized the importance of energy conservation. As the building energy consumption accounted to30% -40%of total human energy consumption, so in turns, building energy efficiency was treated as the focus of energy conservation among the countries around the world, on the one hand, to be guaranteedfrom the building legislation and energy-saving technology, on the other hand, to guide, encourage and limit from the policy. Building energy efficiency isto improve energy efficiency in the building process, to obtain the greatest economic and social effectswith effective resources and the smallest energy consumption costs.

Building insulation is an important measure of building energy efficiency, building heat insulation material is the base of building material energy-saving. China's energy-saving rate of some cities proposed to reach 65%, and further measures to reduce energy consumption by the protective structure (walls, doors, windows and roof) to bear, of which exterior wall material ismost important, thus it puts forward new requirements of the existing external wall insulation Material technology and workmanship.

Building Insulation Is An Important Measure Of Building Energy Efficiency

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