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Aerogel Glass Or Into Energy-Saving Glass Star

Pubdate: 2017-06-14 17:58:12
From: Joda Insulation Material Aerogel

Aerogel glass or into energy-saving glass star

Silica aerogel is referred to as the "blue smoke", "solid smoke", and is now known as the lightest solid material, is by far the best performance of heat insulation material.

In 1931, Dr. Steven.S.Kistler invented the substance accidentally, called "frozen smoke"". It is the extraction of water from silica gel and then the use of gas such as carbon dioxide instead of water.

The early aerogels were very brittle and expensive, so they were used mainly in laboratories and were not renewed until the 60s. By the end of 70s and early 80s, after the French scientist Feichner Lorenz in the United States and the Berkeley National Laboratory Arlon Hunt et al, aerogel after the tireless efforts,they obtained great progress, become a hot research topic in the world in 90s.

In twenty-first Century, under the NASA Aspen company began to low-end aerogel industrialization, then,and China has started the low-end aerogel industry, but the high-end transparent aerogels were not industrialization.

In 2012, China began its second world gas gel industry boom. However, for a long time, the research and development of aerogels in China mainly focus on the aerospace, medicine and other fields with high added value, and many areas remain blank. China mainly concentrated in the Tongji University, National University of Defense Technology, University of Science and Technology Beijing, Harbin Institute of Technology, Nanjing University of Technology, Zhejiang University, Central South University, Shaoxing, Guangdong Hi-tech Limited by Share Ltd Nanor Alison high-tech Co. ltd..

In a special report on aerogel released in 2010, the European Union predicts that by 2050, aerogel products will be used as widely as plastics today.

The development of new applications and the development of low-cost manufacturing methods have been the focus of the efforts of aerogels researchers. Dr. Lu Bin's innovation team has been concentrating on it for years.

After thousands of experiments and failure, from the initial results of laboratory materials, Lu Bin led the team to break through and mastered the high-end transparent aerogel core technology system, gradually developed a new type of transparent aerogel materials. In September 16, 2013, the result was appraised and appraised by the Hunan provincial science and Technology Department, and it was considered as an international leading level, with industrialization conditions. Among them, the core technologies of independent intellectual property rights include: high transparent transparent hot gas gel, new material technology, rapid supercritical drying technology, large size complete transparent aerogel production process.

"We must first solve the problem of process equipment, because most of the equipment are non-standard equipment, in order to solve the problem from scratch; secondly, to solve the shape and nature of the fragile gas gel products, also need to re adjust the process; in addition, the need for further updates of high end aerogel new material of low cost manufacturing technology. The aerogel glass products more competitive in the market implementation." Lu Bin to China Building Materials News reporter said.

After incubation of the industrialization of scientific and technological achievements of the past two years, Dr. Bin Lu has successfully solved the problem of innovation team, from the production process to a large number of engineering equipment production efficiency and the rate of finished products, successfully developed the first generation of aerogel energy-saving glass.

Aerogel Glass Or Into Energy-Saving Glass Star

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