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Aerogel Golden Development Period

Pubdate: 2018-12-14 17:53:26
From: Joda Insulation Material Aerogel

Aerogel golden development period

The market value of global aerogels can reach US $1 billion 896 million 600 thousand by 2020, and the annual compound growth rate from 2014~2020 is 36.4%, according to a previous report by Allied market research. With the continuous progress of aerogel materials in the new application field, the market growth momentum will further enhance.

China's aerogel market has been expanding rapidly in the field of application, with the speed higher than the international average level. In 2014, the output of aerogels was about 8500 cubic meters, about 1500 cubic meters of imported products, and the market size was about 182 million yuan. Since last year, the aerogel market has seen a surge in production and sales. Last year, the industry's capacity increased by about 20 thousand cubic meters, mainly due to the mass production of aerogel enterprises and the scale of the market reached 330 million yuan.

This year, in addition to the expansion of existing enterprises, new enterprises have become an important force contributing to production capacity. It is estimated that the additional capacity this year will be around 20,000 cubic meters. It is estimated that aerogel materials will be widely used in industrial and equipment fields from 2015 to 2020. In 2020, the traditional industrial insulation materials will be completely replaced, and the market of industrial insulation materials will be shared annually in China. The aerogel materials will begin large-scale application in the field of construction in 2020. In 2025, it will replace the traditional building insulation materials in an all-round way, and share about 100000000000 of the annual domestic market. The yuan market. Moreover, by 2020, the aerogel industry will increase rapidly, the capacity will expand dramatically, and the aerogel industry will enter the stage of explosive growth.

Although the prospects are promising. However, at present, aerogel insulation materials are still in the initial stage of development in China, and no group of superior enterprises has yet been formed.

The next 35 years will be the golden period of development of aerogel materials. Enterprises with low cost core technology and certain market resources will gain enormous development space and quickly become the dominant enterprises in the industry.

Aerogel Golden Development Period

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