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Aerogel Application

Military Field Insulation Material

Military Field

SiO2 aerogel can be used as an insulating layer material for airplane cabins,can be used as high-performance insulation materials for nuclear submarine, nuclear reactor of steam-powered missile destroyer, evaporator, boilers and complex high-temperature steam pipe system, which can enhance the insulation effect, reduce the cabin temperature, while effectively reducing the amount of insulation materials, enlarge the space within the cabin, effectively improve the work environment. Currently used in ordinary sound-absorbing materials such as glass wool, mineral wool, rock wool, the sound absorption efficiency is not high, and the performance is not stable. Aerogels as a new type of sound absorbing material, not only with better sound absorption effect, ultra light weight, but also no pollution, thus it has a very wide range, especially in the aspect of aerospace because of its characteristics of light weight, which will be the first choice of sound-absorbing material. In addition, aerogel material can also be used as building sound-absorbing material, with excellent sound insulation effect.

Military Field Insulation Material


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