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Application Of Aerogels In Construction

Application of Aerogels in Construction

Aerogel can be used in the building on the roof, floor, walls and other places need using insulation. In addition, the airgel powder sandwiched between double glass, you can make an airgel glass. At present, airgel in Europe and the United States has been a little application of construction, which is due to their higher requirements for building energy efficiency. However, for domestic, because the airgel relative to ordinary insulation materials such as polyurethane, glass wool, rock wool and other high prices, and the state of building energy efficiency support is not enough, so for now, the application of airgel in the domestic construction will be not too much, but please give appropriate attention, once the domestic policy support and airgel prices decline, the airgel in the construction field will have a wide range of applications.

Application Of Aerogels In Construction

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