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Aerogel Particles

Price: $20/㎡ Determined by thickness
Width: 1200mm 1400mm
Length: 40m 30m 25m
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This series of products is of low density, large surface area, high porosity, good transmittance, appearance for the light blue transparent particles with low thermal conductivity, and aslo good insulation, strong adsorption, green environmental protection, non-toxic, non corrosive, flame retardant, waterproof performance.  Aerogel particles does not contain any harmful substances. So it can be widely used in lighting equipment insulation interlayer, packing layer, composite layer etc.. At the same time, with excellent sound insulation and shock absorption performance, it is an indispensable heat insulation material in metallurgy, electric power, military industry, aviation and spaceflight fields.

Aerogel Particles from China Aerogel is a fine-particle performance additive suited for insulative coatings. With a thermal conductivity half that of still air and a particle size that can deliver a smooth, even coat, Aerogel is ideal for a variety of thin-film insulative coatings applications.

Technical Data:

Items Silica Aerogel Particles
Density 60 ~ 120kg/m³
Particle Size 2~5mm
Specific Surface Area 600~800㎡/g
Porosity >90%
Aperture 40~60nm
Surface Property Hydrophobic/hyreophilic


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