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Aerogel Coating

Price: $20/㎡ Determined by thickness
Width: 1200mm 1400mm
Length: 40m 30m 25m
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Traditional heat insulation coating using the principle of heat reflection, the thermal conductivity of the coating is generally higher than air. The company using heat conduction, convection, and the principle of radiation blocking to invent the special nano-coating, the coating can make the heat source external surface temperature below 50 ℃ with 1mm thickness. Thermal insulation performance is more than 1 time compared to the market paint, is a new environmentally paint.

Application areas

1. Thermal battery insulation

2. Other batteries and electronic devices thermal insulation.

3. High temperature small space components

4. Oil pipeline insulation

5. Microelectronic device thermal insulation

Construction method

1, must stir it before using, stirring time can’t be less than 5 minutes;

2, the base surface must be flat, solid, dry, clean, if the metal base has rust, it need rust removing, and brush paint;

3, brush, roller or spray without air, spray without air is the best way, must spray twice, the interval is not less than 2 hours;

4, the surface should be dried for at least 3 hours at room temperature, each brushing thickness should be controlled within 0.5mm

5, repeat the above operation, until reach the required thickness, if it need to be used in acid-base solution, humid air, high temperature gas environment, it must be coated with protective paint; protective paint must be painted after the material is dry.

6, the amount of paint reference: 2kg / ㎡.

7, rainy, windy and other weather, can’t do outdoor operation.

8, the temperature of construction area should not be less than 5 ℃, relative humidity can not be higher than 80%.

9, the construction area must take protective measures, prohibit treading, rolling within 24 hours.

10, if the product accidentally stain on clothes or splash into eyes, please rinse with water;

11, unused paint must be sealed, avoid contacting with air, store in 0 ~ 5 ℃;

12, spraying equipment and tools should be cleaned after using.

Technical Data:

Thermal Conductivity(w/m.k) Density(kg/m³) Coating Thickness Solid Content Applicable Temperature(℃)
0.025(25℃) 560±20 ≤3mm 30% -30~50


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